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Ductless/Mini Split AC Installations in Greater Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ

At Affirmative Air Conditioning, we know how unbearably uncomfortable it can get during the hot and dry seasons in Arizona. The humid climate can even affect your indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

This is why we recommend having a reliable and efficient cooling system installed in your home, so no matter how hot it gets – your home will always be cool and comfortable. So if you’re in the market for a new HVAC system, there’s no more efficient and reliable choice than a ductless/mini-split air conditioning system. Not only is a ductless mini-split AC system perfect for your residential property, but it can also adequately cool commercial and institutional buildings.

How A Ductless/Mini Split AC System Works

A ductless mini split air conditioning system is made up of three main components including:

  • An outdoor unit
  • An indoor mounted evaporator unit
  • Wireless remote control

The indoor unit and the outdoor unit are connected by a refrigerant line that runs through a connecting wall or ceiling. It works by transferring warm air from the room that the indoor unit is installed in over evaporator coils of refrigerant that cools the warm air and pumps it back into your home as cold air-conditioned air. The hot air from inside your home is then forced to the outdoor unit and vented outside of your home.

What makes this particular HVAC system great for small offices and homes is the fact that the indoor units are small and unobtrusive, making them perfect for temperature zoning and cooling individual and specific rooms. This also means that your ductless minisplits can be expanded by adding multiple indoor units for each additional room (up to a maximum of four for certain models) all connected to the same outdoor unit. With these HVAC systems installed, there's no need for a huge indoor renovation job just to add ductwork – all you need is a reliable HVAC company, like us at Affirmative Air Conditioning to install your ductless mini-split air conditioner!

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Why Going With A Ductless/Mini-Split AC System is A Good Idea

  • Flexibility - Ductless/mini-split AC systems can be installed in any type of property, whether it’s a residential property, a commercial office or even an institutional facility. Its modular nature allows for easy and stress-free installations in multiple rooms that do not require massive renovations or ductwork to work properly.
  • It’s cost-effective -  Ductless/mini-split ACs pump the cold air directly into the rooms they’re supposed to be cooling, so they work much more efficiently than air conditioning systems that require duct systems. This translates to more savings when it comes to the utility bills.
  • Easy Installation -  Ductless means no more expensive ducts to build and renovate your home around, making the installation process quite simple.
  • Environmentally-Friendly - As ductless/mini-split systems separate the cooling from room to room, this means that you can just turn off the indoor units located in rooms that aren’t being used or do not need cooling. This immediately cuts down your energy usage as well as greenhouse gas emissions in the environment.

Cool Your Home Efficiently and Effectively with Affirmative Air

Having a larger air conditioning system doesn’t necessarily mean you have proper cooling solutions for every room in your property. If you have a small home or office in need of efficient cooling solutions, or you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint while sticking to a budget, there’s no better alternative than going ductless with a mini-split HVAC system. Contact Affirmative Air Conditioning today by calling 480-418-8685 for a free estimate on any of our air conditioning services.

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