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Having your duct system cleaned of dust and debris it has accumulated should be something that every homeowner does on a regular basis. Not only will duct cleaning prevent the spread of airborne contaminants such as dust, pet dander, allergens and other pollutants, throughout your property, but it also helps your HVAC system run better and more efficiently which is important for your indoor air, home comfort, as well as your expenses.

Air Duct Cleaning

If you allow your ductwork to become a haven for dust and other airborne particles, two things will immediately happen. First, every time you turn on your air conditioning and heating system the dust and other airborne contaminants will circulate through the air – as such, any air coming from your ducts will also contain these microorganisms. Imagine that – every breath that you and your loved ones take could contain harmful microorganisms just from poor indoor air quality!

Second, as the accumulated dust in your ducts is continuously circulated and disturbed, it also begins to slip through air filters and enter your HVAC system. This makes your HVAC system work harder to perform the same output, causing major wear and tear on its parts. This will make your HVAC system prone to breaking down, but it also makes it inefficient with its energy usage – which means a lot of expensive air conditioning and heating repairs and utility bills gouging your budget.

By having a reputable HVAC company, like us at Affirmative Air Conditioning provide regular duct cleaning, you can avoid these problems and help keep your finances in order.

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Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filters

Besides duct cleaning, you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of your air filters or have them replaced every thirty to ninety days. If you neglect to do so, you’re causing your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to because old and dirty air filters are too clogged with dust to let air flow through them properly, and as such it forces your HVAC systems to work harder to force air through them.

This forceful current dislodges dust particulates from your air filters and spreads them throughout your home, contributing to the triggering of allergies.

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Don’t let dirty and dust-filled ductwork dictate how you live your life. Contact Affirmative Air Conditioning today at 480-418-8685 to have our team of HVAC experts clean your duct system quickly and efficiently. We serve all clients within the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ areas.

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