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Having leaks in your ductwork is no picnic. Not only can it cause your HVAC system to be inefficient with its energy usage, it can also cause an untold number of potential health and structural issues to your property and those occupying it. This is why it’s important to regularly have your ductwork serviced and checked for air leaks.

Ductwork, no matter how well-built, can be fragile in some places and therefore more prone to leaks, rips, and tears in the duct system. This is because of how compact it is while also needing to spread air-conditioned or heated air evenly throughout the property. A typical ductwork system has many bends, turns, and joints – which are delicate areas where a leak can easily manifest from a minimal amount of stress.

Types of Duct Leaks

There are two types of duct leaks: benign leaks and malignant leaks. Benign leaks are minor leaks that remain mostly inside the air-conditioned space, such as a small rip near a vent. These do not need immediate attention because the effect they have on your HVAC system's efficiency is minimal.

Malignant leaks, on the other hand, need immediate attention because cooled or heated air is directed to places that should not be getting air at all – potentially causing moisture or mold growth – but it can also suck airborne contaminants into your HVAC system. This can easily damage the delicate components of your air conditioner or heating system.

Both types of duct leaks, especially malignant ones, are very hard to detect on your own. It is recommended that you enlist a professional team of ductwork and HVAC experts, like us at Affirmative Air Conditioning, to detect leaks in your ductwork.

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Benefits of Duct Leak Testing

  • Reduces the risk of moisture buildup, mold growth and rot
  • Increases your savings due to enhanced HVAC efficiency
  • Reduces energy usage and thus reducing carbon footprint/greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces rattling and noises coming from your HVAC

Let Affirmative Air Conditioner Test Your Ductwork for Leaks

Don’t let duct leaks compromise the health or structural integrity of your property. Contact Affirmative Air Conditioning as soon as possible and take advantage of our years of extensive experience and expertise with ductwork services. We will detect any malignant and benign duct leaks and provide duct sealing or duct replacement when necessary.

We also offer air conditioning, heating, and duct cleaning services in the Greater Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona areas. Contact us today at 480-418-8685 for a free estimate.


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