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Choosing the right kind of heating system for your property largely depends on how your home or commercial property was built or designed. For relatively simple spaces and homes, a self-contained heater that’s powered by electricity is usually the way to go. The fact that they’re small and portable makes them very versatile, able to heat any room that you bring them into.

However, if your property occupies a larger space and has many rooms that require heating, then you may want a heating solution that’s a bit more extensive and is installed either within your property or outside. This particular solution is called a heat pump.

What is a Heat Pump?

Simply put, a heat pump is a type of heating solution that’s perfect for homes or properties that are larger than the usual. Heat pumps work by taking or absorbing heat from an area from the property and transfers it to another through pipes.

While it may seem like a heating pump won’t be as effective should the area it’s taking heat from has become colder or cooled, it still works just as well, as the presence of heat energy still exists even in low temperatures. This makes it impossible for a heat pump to run out of heat to transfer, thus making the humble heat pump a convenient and reliable heating solution.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

Consumes less energy. As heat pumps transfer heat from one place to another in a property rather than generating its own heat, so its energy expenditure is much lower than traditional heating systems.

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Safer. Because a heat pump transfers already-existing heat and doesn’t generate any heat on its own, there’s no risk of a gas or electrical fire should a malfunction, short-circuit or leak happen. So you can sleep at night with the assurance that even if your heat pump does break down, the worst that can happen is that things get slightly uncomfortable and that you won’t wake up to a raging fire.

Serves as both a cooling solution and a heating solution. A heat pump can work both ways – just as it transfers heat from one area of your property to another, it also makes the first area cooler. This is a great help in keeping the temperature of your property regulated no matter the season.

Improves indoor air quality. If your property is prone to smoke, fumes or any type of air contaminant, having a heat pump installed will actually help keep your indoor air clean. As heat pumps transfer heat they also serve to circulate the air and run it through filters – removing dust, mold spores and more.

Takes up very little space. Heat pumps are small and do not take up much real estate in terms of space. You also don’t have to be within close proximity of the heat pump to feel the heat as it transfers heat to all the areas of your house.

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