Ductless Heat Pump Installation in Greater Scottsdale, AZ

Imagine a room that is always in a comfortable and cozy temperature for you, how nice right? Well if you have a ductless heat pump at your home then it is no longer an imagination. No matter how cold it gets during the winter in GilbertChandlerChandler Height, and other cities in Arizona, a ductless heat pump will always keep your home at the right temperature, making it cozy for you.

Thinking of installing one for a long time now? Why the wait! If you are living in the above-mentioned areas then call Affirmative Air Conditioning to get one installed at your home today! At Affirmative Air, we make sure our customers are satisfied with our service. We ensure that by using top-of-the-line equipment in the services provided by our crew of skilled and highly experienced professionals. So call us today at 480-418-8685 to get a ductless heat pump installed!

How does a Ductless Heat Pump Work?

Confused about whether to install a ductless heat pump or not because you don’t know how it works? We got you covered here as well. We will tell you how it works and why it is good for your home. Ductless heat pumps mainly consist of 3 components. Those are-

  • An outdoor unit
  • An indoor mounted evaporator unit
  • Wireless remote control

A refrigerant line that runs through a connecting wall or ceiling connects the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. It transfers cool air from the room where the indoor unit is installed in over evaporator coils of refrigerant that warms the cool air and pumps it back into your home. The cool air from inside your home is then sent to the outdoor unit and later vented outside.

On top of all of these, a ductless heat pump is a long-lasting, cost-friendly, and very efficient heating system. All of these qualities make the ductless heat pump a very reliable system. So if you are still confused about installing one, just go for it!

Rely on Us for the Best Ductless Heat Pump Services

Here at Affirmative Air Conditioning, we make sure that our customers are being satisfied. For a long time, we have been providing the best service for ductless heat pumps, furnaces, heating repairs, etc. in TollesonTempeSurprise, and other AZ cities. So if you need any of these services within these areas, call us today at 480-418-8685 or contact us online to know more about our services!



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