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Heating Installation in Greater Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona

If you have a property in the Greater Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona area, then you need to ensure that it has a properly-working heating solution installed within it. A heating solution not only makes the property a comfortable place to stay and work in, but also offers protection against the various health issues that could result from prolonged exposure to extreme cold.

When it comes to business and residential properties in the United States, heating makes up the bulk of energy usage, and naturally accounts for the largest percentage in the utility bill. As such, it’s a good idea to have a heating system that’s both energy-efficient and appropriate for the size of the property it’s heating. Otherwise, the property owner may not only find that their home or office’s heating is inconsistent and unreliable, but also that their utility bills are ballooning at an unexpected rate.

Thankfully, our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) experts here at Affirmative Air Conditioning can help you avoid those heating problems.We have the experience, equipment and know-how to help you figure out just which heating solution is perfect for your property and your wallet.

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The Basic Types of Space Heating Solutions

Here are just some of the many types of space heating systems that we will help you choose from, as well as install in your property.

Forced Air Heating Systems

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This type of system distributes heat throughout the property by pumping heated air through a series of pre-installed ducts and vents. The air is heated in a multitude of ways, from electric means to those that use natural gas or even coal. This is one of the more affordable types of heating systems available.

Radiator and Convector Systems

Radiators and convectors are heating solutions that act as heat exchangers. They rely mostly on heated water or steam deliver heat inside the various rooms of the property. A central boiler heats water and pushes it through pipes and coils installed around the house. The coils are usually found in the radiators themselves. As the hot water travels through the coils, the heat is transferred outward, raising the temperatures in the house. This is another heating system that should be fit for even the tightest of budgets, while also using up a low amount of energy.

Electric Resistance Heating System

This particular heating solution involves the use of electric coils to create heat, similar to those found inside a bread toaster. In a nutshell, it converts electricity into heat by using the laws of electric resistance to turn the coils white-hot. This heat warms up the cold air being sucked from the bottom of the heater and releases it from its uppermost vents.

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