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AC & Heating Installation and Repair in Sedona, AZ

The red sandstone formations in Sedona, AZ appear to glow when the sun sets or rises, making it an attraction for those who enjoy a nice view while hiking or a dramatic backdrop for their home or business. Sedona is a city in Yavapai County with a population of 10,031, according to the latest US census. The desert climate creates lots of hot days and cool nights, meaning that you must have a high-functioning HVAC system on a year-round basis.

Fortunately, Sedona residents and business owners can turn to Affirmative Air for superior AC repairs, maintenance & installation, as well as heating maintenance and installation options.  Affirmative Air has been servicing the Greater Phoenix metro area for more than two decades. We are the leading air conditioning and heating service provider throughout Sedona, as well as the Valley of the Sun. 

Indoor Air Quality & Duct Sealing Services by Affirmative Air  in Sedona, Arizona

At Affirmative Air, we view our business as more than just giving you comfort. We also make sure to provide the best possible indoor air quality. Check out the services we offer in Sedona: 

Duct Sealing Services - Your duct system delivers treated air throughout your property. It has to go through constrained places and will have to bend and follow the shape of your home. With those bends come naturally weak areas of your duct system where leaks are likely to occur. Affirmative Air provides duct sealing services to make sure that your HVAC system works optimally with minimal wastage. 

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Air Conditioning Services - You function well when you are comfortable. That’s simply how humans are wired. You won’t be able to be very productive if you feel too hot and you’re all sweaty and uncomfortable. You need an air conditioning system that will work when you need it. Affirmative Air provides air conditioner repair and maintenance services. We also install new units. 

Trust Affirmative Air for Duct Cleaning Services in Sedona, AZ

In addition to our HVAC and duct sealing services, we also do duct cleaning work. We will get rid of all dust, debris, cobwebs, and other build-ups inside your duct system that limit proper airflow. That includes dryer vent cleaning and coil cleaning. When you need our services, please visit our Contact Us page online or give us a call at 480-418-8685 to a representative. 

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