4 Reasons You Should Schedule a Fall Heat Pump Tune-Up in Gilbert, AZ

All HVAC systems, including heat pumps, need regular maintenance to work effectively. Heat pumps need a tune-up as you enter the heating or cooling season. Read on to learn reasons you should schedule a fall heat pump tune-up.

1. Energy Saving

A dirty or ineffective system has to work harder to heat your house. During a tune-up appointment, a professional technician will perform vital operations on the system, such as lubricating movable parts, changing and cleaning the air filter, checking and tightening loose joints and testing the system control.

These operations aim to enhance the effectiveness of your heating system, reduce your monthly utility and energy usage.

2. Increase Air Quality

As air moves through the duct network, it carries loose debris that the system didn’t trap due to dirty system components or clogged air filters. The duct network can trap common contaminants including dust, mildew, pet dander, bacteria and pollen.

The particulate can increase symptoms of those suffering from asthma and allergies, create more dirty surfaces in your house and lead to insufficient indoor air quality. Scheduling a fall heat pump tune-up will help determine the cause of reduced air quality.

3. Extend the Heat Pump Lifespan

When your heat pump is in good condition, lubricated, and clean, its airflow is constant and can move well. The lesser the stress you put on your system, the longer its life span will be with optimum years of performance.

4. Enhance Heating and Cooling Ability

A well-maintained and clean heat pump should not leak its refrigerant. However, a malfunctioning or dirty system over time may develop a pinhole leak in the coils, allowing the refrigerant to leak out. Loss of refrigerant will not allow your system to adequately heat or cool your home.

Scheduling a fall heat pump tune-up is essential for the system and your household. If your system needs a tune-up, contact us at Affirmative Air Conditioning for HVAC maintenance.