Keeping Your Indoor Air Healthy Year-Round

Did you know that the EPA estimates indoor air pollution can be as much as five times higher than outdoor air pollution levels? Affirmative Air wants you to breathe easier in your Scottsdale, AZ, home. Here are some ways to keep your indoor air quality healthy year-round.

Use Air Purifiers

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is affected by low humidity levels, poor air circulation, and high pollutant levels. Pollutants in homes come from various sources such as:

  • Aerosol sprays
  • Building materials
  • Carpet
  • Dust
  • Furnaces
  • Household cleaners

Well-maintained and efficient HVAC systems do a good job of managing humidity levels, circulating the air, and filtering pollutants, but sometimes their best isn’t enough. To pick up the slack, consider using air purifying technology. Room air purifiers with HEPA filters remove 30-50% of particulate matter from the air, but they’re limited in their range. Individual room air cleaners can’t clean the air throughout the entire house. To achieve this goal, consider installing a whole-house purifying system that connects to the HVAC system.

Remove Airborne Bacteria and Viruses with UV Air Purifiers

UV air purification systems use UV lights to disinfect your home’s indoor air. The system targets bacterial and viral matter DNA, damaging it as the air moves either through or past the purifier. UV light air cleaners are common in commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, and office buildings, but benefit households too.

Change Your Habits for Healthier Indoor Air

Purchasing room air cleaners or installing whole-house systems reduces air pollutants, but so does doing the following:

  • Don’t smoke or vape indoors
  • Use low-volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints
  • Schedule regular HVAC tune-ups
  • Change the HVAC filter
  • Vacuum or sweep flooring regularly
  • Use exhaust fans in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Groom pets often to minimize pet dander
  • Add more indoor houseplants

Would you like to learn more about indoor air quality solutions? Call Affirmative Air today for more information.