5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Thermostat in Phoenix, AZ

Thermostats won’t last forever and have a service life that about matches that of HVAC systems in Phoenix, AZ. Even if it’s not quite time to replace your entire system, thermostat technology advances as quickly as other technology. Consider these five benefits when you upgrade your thermostat.

Reduced Heating & Cooling Expenses

Your thermostat’s sensors lose their sensitivity over time, causing the efficiency of your system to start declining. Additionally, upgraded thermostats offer better programming options, helping reduce the time your system runs without you enjoying the effort. Simply running effective programs may save you up to 10% of your annual heating and cooling expenses.

Less Temperature Swing

Your house will experience a temperature swing between heating and cooling cycles. This happens because your thermostat looks for the temperature to be outside your setting to initiate a cycle. The older your thermostat gets, the greater the degree of those temperature swings could be.

Easier to Manage

One of the chief complaints is the difficulty of managing the programs and general settings. Newer models have improved control panels and may even have an app for your smart device, in some cases.

Better Comfort Experience

When you pair an upgraded thermostat with an upgraded HVAC system, your entire experience improves. If you have a smart learning thermostat, it’ll learn when you’re home and when you’re not by how you adjust the settings. It’ll then build a program so that you’re comfortable while at home and saving money while you’re not.

Extended HVAC Life

One of the downsides to reduced efficiency is more AC repairs and a hit on your system’s service life. By replacing the thermostat, you may reduce the strain your system experiences, extending its service life.

If it’s time to upgrade your thermostat, it may also be time to consider a new air conditioning unit as well. Call to schedule your air conditioning replacement consultation with the experts at Affirmative Air today.