4 Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split in Tempe, AZ

While you’re likely aware of both furnaces and heat pumps, you may not know about yet another heating and cooling option for your Tempe, AZ home: ductless mini-splits. Though less common, they’re growing in popularity due to the range of benefits they provide homeowners. In this article, we discuss four benefits of using a ductless mini-split to heat and cool your home.

1. More Flexibility and Customization

Ductless mini-splits take much less room and time to install than furnaces and air conditioners, making them great for small spaces. Air gets delivered directly into your home via zones, so you can set different temperatures for different areas of the home.

2. Quiet Operation

Without a forced-air furnace and the ductwork that comes with it, there are no loud startups, operation noises or random strange sounds interrupting your day. Low-powered fans cycle the air throughout your home instead, with a near-silent operation you’ll be unlikely to notice.

3. Lowered Utility Bills

Ductless mini-splits are an efficient way to heat and cool your home. Because there’s no ductwork and the air gets blown directly into rooms, there’s no chance for air pressure problems and lowered efficiency. They’re also smaller than other heating and cooling methods, using less electricity to operate.

4. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Without professional duct cleaning and regular maintenance work, traditional HVAC systems distribute dust and allergen particles throughout the home. This leads to indoor air quality that worsens over the span of months or years. Ductless mini-splits take care of this problem, using high-quality filters to cleanse and purify the air.

Many homeowners are upgrading their heating and cooling systems to something more environmentally friendly, and spring is a great time to jump on the bandwagon. Give us a call today at Affirmative Air Conditioning, and set up an appointment to learn more about our line of ductless mini-splits.