4 Furnace Maintenance Tasks You Can Complete

Cold winter nights will soon arrive in Gilbert, AZ, which means it’s time to get your furnace ready. The best way to reduce your utility costs, extend your furnace’s lifespan and avoid an unexpected breakdown is to keep up with heating maintenance. In addition to scheduling a professional tune-up, you can do these four furnace maintenance tasks on your own.

Clean the Vents

Remove the vent cover from each vent in your home. Use your vacuum cleaner to suction dust out of the openings. Wipe the covers with a damp microfiber cloth. Dry the covers, then reattach them. Removing the dust improves airflow to and from your furnace.

Change the Air Filter

Changing your furnace filter only takes a few minutes, yet it’s one of the most important parts of furnace maintenance. During a tune-up visit, our technicians can show you how to do this. Don’t go longer than three months between furnace filter changes. According to the Department of Energy, furnaces with dirty filters cost more to operate, experience more malfunctions and yield shorter lifespans.

Inspect the Burner Flames

The color and consistency of the burner flames need regular monitoring. Turn up your thermostat, take the cover off the burner housing and observe the flame. The flame should be blue and free of flickering. If it’s yellow or flickers, your burners need professional cleaning and adjustment.

Vacuum Burner and Blower Areas

Turn off the furnace. Use the attachment hose of your vacuum, and suction the dirt and debris out of the burner area. If there’s a lot of soot, this suggests that your furnace isn’t properly burning gas, and it may need a tune-up or repairs. Vacuum the blower area, too. Removing dust improves furnace efficiency, reduces friction and enhances the air quality in your home.

For more information about furnace maintenance tasks you can complete, take a look at Affirmative Air’s heating maintenance services, or call us today.

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