Choosing an Efficient HVAC for Multi-Family Homes

Developers of multi-family structures have a lot of decisions to make, and one such decision is what kind of HVAC system to use for their building. The answer depends on several factors. In addition to the size of the building, issues like design, energy-efficiency, ease of installation, and maintenance costs have a bearing on what choice a developer makes.

If you are tasked with the responsibility of choosing the right HVAC system for a multi-family residential structure, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Peak load flexibility – When it comes to multi-family structures, you cannot really predict accurately how much energy the building will consume during peak hours. A rigid system is not a good idea, but estimating how much energy will be needed is difficult. The best option is to get a system that is flexible enough for whatever requirements your building may have.
  • Easy to maintain – Maintaining an HVAC system for a building that has more than one home can be tricky. If you want your HVAC system to last as long as it should, regular maintenance is needed. To ensure that your HVAC system is properly maintained, find one that is easy to maintain.
  • Individual comfort control – Not everyone wants to heat or cool their home to the same level. To give each unit owner or occupant the freedom to adjust the temperature of their homes, individual unit controls must be installed.
  • Centralized or decentralized – Choosing between a centralized and decentralized system is an issue to consider. You must take into consideration whether or not these are easy to maintain, and offer each unit customization options for their heating and cooling. Some building designs work better with a centralized system, like high-rise structures, while others are better off with a decentralized one.

Regardless of what system you do end up choosing, you always need to take into consideration what the people want from their HVAC. Some prefer decentralized systems due to the ease of customization while others prefer a centralized one since it gives them less maintenance to worry about.

In Phoenix, AZ when you need help in finding, installing, and maintaining an HVAC system for a multi-family structure, you should contact Affirmative Air. We specialize in a long list of HVAC services and these include AC installation, AC maintenance, heating installation, and heating maintenance.  If you need help with indoor air quality and ductwork cleaning, we can also do these for you.

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