Spring Cleaning Tips for Your AC

Every spring, you go through the same ritual. Your home gets turned upside down because of decluttering and cleaning. You do your best to remove any dirt, debris, and junk that you feel is no longer necessary to your home. This annual spring cleaning ritual is useful and important in efforts to keep your home in tiptop shape.

The same should be done with your AC. As with your home’s annual spring cleaning routine, an annual tune-up of your AC should be on your list of things to do before summer arrives to ensure that your unit is in its best condition before it is used constantly during the hottest months of the year.

To help with your annual AC spring cleaning, here are some tips that might come in handy:

Filters should be replaced regularly – Your AC’s filters are your last line of defense when it comes to dust and debris entering your home via your AC. If you don’t clean or replace them at least once every three to six months, you stand the chance of contaminating the air inside your home with dust, dirt, and bacteria. Also, dirty filters make your AC use more energy to operate, increasing your utility bills. Filter changes should be done two to four times per year, and more frequently in homes with allergy sufferers or pet owners.

Annual tune-ups are a must – Another thing you need to do every year before you start using your AC frequently is to have it checked by your friendly neighborhood AC specialist. Having it checked and tuned up once a year will help you capture any issues early on, preventing any serious damage from happening to your AC. Also, these checkups and tune-ups will help make your AC work better, thereby reducing your energy usage and energy costs.

Don’t forget your AC’s outdoor unit – If you are using a centralized AC system, or have a split-type ductless AC, you should always remember that there is a second part to your AC that also needs attention. The outside unit of your AC will need to be checked as well for dirt, debris, and the need for maintenance. Twigs, leaves, and other similar debris can easily get into your AC’s outdoor unit, so checking it before any use is crucial to keeping it from suffering any damage.

You don’t have to do the checking yourself if you feel you are not adept at doing these things. In Phoenix, AZ the company you can trust to help you with your annual AC maintenance and cleaning is Affirmative Air. We are the leading authority in AC maintenance, AC installation, and AC repair in the area.

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