The Importance of Air Filters

One part of your HVAC that is easy to overlook is your air filter. But it plays an integral role in keeping your system clean. Not taking care of your HVAC filter can lead to expensive repairs and even health risks from poor indoor air quality within your home.

Your HVAC air filter is your first line of defense from contaminants that enter your home via your ducts. When filters are too dirty to prevent the introduction of such contaminants into your home, your system will work harder than it should and increase your utility bills.

As dirt builds up on your filters, potential health hazards increase along with the rising energy bills. This can result in more frequent repairs, another reason why keeping your filters clean on a regular basis is a must.

How Often Should Filters Be Cleaned?

Keeping your air filters clean should always be part of your seasonal to-do list for your home. You should clean or change filters at least twice per year and more frequently if you have:

  • Pets in your home
  • Family members who suffer from chronic respiratory issues like asthma
  • An HVAC system that is at least a decade old
  • A house located in a highly populated area

When these factors are present, it is might want to consider changing or cleaning your air filters once every three months. This will give you the kind of clean that every homeowner seeks.

Trust Your HVAC Cleaning Needs to the Proven Pros from Affirmative Air

When you need to have your HVAC filters cleaned and your HVAC serviced, it is best to call an expert rather than do it yourself. In Phoenix, AZ, the company to call is Affirmative Air. We are a company that specializes in anything related to your HVAC, and that includes air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning repairs, and air conditioning replacement. We also help improve indoor air quality with duct sealing, duct cleaning, and the installation of air filtration systems.

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