Understanding Humidity and Indoor Comfort

Understanding Humidity and Indoor Comfort

Many people may not know that humidity, or lack of it for that matter, actually has a bearing on how comfortable the inside of your home will be. In the summertime, humidity can actually make a home feel hotter than it actually is. If the air inside your home is humid and the heat of the summer sun is making your home feel like an oven, you are in very real danger of suffering a heat stroke.

What is Humidity?

To help you understand why humidity can affect how hot your body feels in your home, you should first understand what it is. Humidity is the amount of moisture that is in the air. The most ideal level of humidity for a person to feel comfortable in is around 30 to 50 percent. A home can experience very high or very low levels of humidity, depending on the circumstance, the location and weather.

Why Humidity Affects Your Comfort

Humidity does not make temperatures rise but rather makes it feel like it is warmer than it actually is. This is because humid air affects how your body evaporates the sweat that it produces when it is warm. If the air is very moist or humid, the sweat that you produce won’t have a chance to evaporate, and the evaporation of sweat is what cools down a person’s body.

How Humidity Affects Your Home

Aside from feeling very warm and uncomfortable, humidity can also cause other problems. This includes mold development in hidden places that you cannot reach and may be unable to see. Mold loves moisture, and since humidity is moisture in the air, this can trigger mold growth in your home. Mold can cause people to get sick and develop allergic reactions, which also plays into the comfort level of a home.

The same goes for homes with rather low humidity levels. If there is low moisture in the air, this can lead to problems ranging from nosebleeds, nasal congestion, dry coughs, and other respiratory problems. It is therefore important that a proper balance of humid air is present in your home to help keep you and your loved ones comfortable and away from illness.

Improve the Indoor Air Quality in your Home with Affirmative Air Conditioning

The humidity or lack of humidity in your home is an indicator that your home has poor indoor air quality. For homes that are too humid, a dehumidifier will greatly improve the comfort of your home, and for homes that lack humidity, installing a humidifier may be the best solution. At Affirmative Air Conditioning, we specialize in air conditioning and heating services in Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ, and we can help greatly enhance the indoor air quality in your home.

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